From Diljit's 'Naina' to old remakes, here’s every trend that was hot on Reels this week

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Either dancing on Diljit's beat or reliving to old remakes, this week's Reel trends have got us reminiscing about cinema this week.

Being on the internet means not escaping the wide variety of trends that the internet has to offer. From parody remakes to choreographies, every week, you will see a new song that is trending or a new hook step that goes viral. On this week's trending, the Hindi remake of the famous Marathi, Ajay Gogavale's song 'Bring it on' from the movie  Madgaon express has got everyone jumping and dancing to it's tunes. Do you remember the old 2012 'Teri Meri Kahani'? Shahid and Priyanka had us mesmerized by this love ballad.well this week, we saw Instagram make a dozen love ballads in their versions, fan edits to their favorite actors, and lip-syncs to this song.

Bihari/Bhojpuri and Haryanvi mashup songs have had everyone on the hook, 'hathi lebe Ghoda lebe' a song released by singer and performer Priya Mallick saw hilarious remakes, choreographies, and more over the week. For all you classic lovers, Ravindra Jain's 'Jogi ji dheere dheere' resurfaced over the Holi celebration this week and the reels are a sight to watch. this techno-classical beat had creators dancing to the beat over the week too. Rajesh A Krishnan has had the internet anticipated for his new film release, 'Crew' as they released this upbeat song 'Naina' that has had everyone enjoying it to the fullest.

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Check out all these peppy trends below; 

The Haryanvi Mashup

'Naina' From Crew

'Milna Purani Dilli Mai' 

'Haathi lebe, Ghoda lebe'

Haryanvi Mashup pt.2

'That's all I really wanna Do'

The techno-classical beat

Bina use Rang Lagaye

Baby Bring it on

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