From acing the Glambot remakes to sliding in style to the tunes of Timbaland, here’s all that’s trending this week

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This week’s trend roundup is a fun ride of trends that picked up unpredictably on social media. Check out the list to be up-to-date.

The captivating thing about trending reels is that they're born out of nowhere. A random odd reel that appeared on your explore page could suddenly be the next blazing thing on social media leaving you wondering, “How did that happen?". This week's trends roundup is a predicament of it all. Have you seen people walk in rewind on reels lately? Turns out it is the new hot trend that has given people's humor a new take calling it the rewind trend. 'Laila Laila' from Andhadhundh makes a comeback on Reels as people feel the self-love that the song radiates to create outfit transformations and more. The Glambot trend also picked up over the week. If you are oblivious, filmmaker Cole Waliser went viral with his red-carpet  Glambot videos to enhance the experience for American actors, creators, etc. Following that in India this week, this trend has taken off with everyone making their version of the Glambot shots.

Blue Monday by aboveandbeyond has taken off too this week, with people using the most common discussions that go back and forth until a final decision is arrived on. ‘Premika’ by Balsubramnium and Udit Narayan seems like it is here to stay as people continue to make videos on it. You can try the perfect smooth sliding into the frame as you try out this song by Timbaland that has been trending this week on reels. ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’ from the classic Band Baaja Baraat has gone viral this week for just the right reasons. People have been making so many fun aesthetic and cinematic reels to this song and they are encaptivating to watch. 

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Check out these crazy reels that were on the trending this week; 

The 'rewind trend'

'Smooth-slide' into the frame

'Laila' from Andhadhund

'Blue Monday' by aboveandbeyond

The 'Glambot-trend'

Passing the camera

'Ainyavi Ainyavi' from Band Baaja Baraat

'Premika' by Balsubraminium and Udit Narayan

Any trendy audios that you would like to share incase we have missed out? Drop them in the comments below.

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