From the captivating Ahsoka makeup trend to the electrifying collab between King and Jason Derulo, this trend roundup is for everyone

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The hilarious bits to ones that celebrate Indian glamour, here’s everything on this trend roundup that had social media bustling with recreations.

Social media was buzzing with trending reels and audio that became everything people were talking about. Indians were not the only ones captivated by the videos on the song from Ahsoka. Makeup content creators from Brazil, Turkey, and more were seen making transition Reels that look enchanting to watch at first glance. Another song that also had people talking was 10 Minutes by Lee Hyori which saw people share the usual GRWM videos to K-pop fan remakes, all inclusively made using this audio. The upbeat audio by GTAV, Baby Keem, ‘It’s about time that you fell in love with something that will love you back ’ hit the trend list this week and almost feels like a positive affirmation that we didn't know we needed. The people on social media have loved this trend, making their versions of ‘something that will love them back’. Have you seen these hilarious videos that are clickbait? The one where a horse kicks a person, the man falls off the stretcher? This trend has gone viral for business owners. People announcing sales on their small businesses, making event announcements, and so on.

Musical fame King recently released his new track ‘Bumpa’ featuring American pop artist Jason Derulo. The song is on the trending list this week internet has had various people and creators on social media recreate the hook step from the original video. We all had our ‘Amplifier era at least once, where we loved jamming loudly to the lyrics. Well, this song has resurfaced on social media this week going viral as social media users continue to use the audio to recreate GRWM transition looks. If wanting to be serious but your personality is otherwise, then you most certainly should use this trend audio to show off yourself today. The ‘Dum Tek’ by Poli has been viral where users are creating reels doing a showdown of hip and belly dancing moves that the internet is loving. Rihanna's Super Bowl version of  'Work' recently went viral, the original trend began with the little child doing the trend which was then followed by various creators and users following the trend with their own versions.

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 Take a look at these visuals from the trends this week.

Asoka makeup trend

10 minutes- Lee Hyori

 'It’s about time' -GTAV, Baby Keem 

hilarious videos that are clickbait

Poli- Dum Tek

‘Bumpa’ - King/Jason Derulo 


wanting to be serious but your personality is otherwise

Rihanna's Super Bowl version of  'Work'

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