This Reel by Vagmita Singh sums up our adult health life!

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After watching this Reel by Vagmita Gupta about living a healthy and balanced life as an adult, we're all saying just what she is - ARE YOU JOKING?'

As we grow older, the word health gets thrown around like freebies. Each year we wish to lead a healthier lifestyle than the one before, and each year we fall short in some form. This relationship that we have with our bodies as young adults is so complicated that it makes even our toxic ex look good. When you think about it, most of this struggle comes with us being constantly fed the idea of what ‘healthy’ looks like. That includes us having to find the perfect balance with everything in life. One is always advised to work hard for one’s career and find time for oneself, not only have a good skincare routine but find time to maintain relationships with people too. When, in reality, we end up falling behind in gaining this balance and ultimately we're left feeling guilty. For many of us, adulthood feels like a sham that we romanticize as kids without knowing about the never-ending expectations we are surrounded by. Thankfully we are not the only ones who feel this pressure of being a grown adult. Vagmita Gupta aka That Indian Chick, who is known to share thoughts like these, has realized the impossibility of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this one Reel that we just can’t help but agree with.

Her fellow creators, Atulan and Divesh called it the 'true meaning of adulting', Saumya Sahni agreed by saying, 'I can’t breathe just thinking of all things I've to do today'. Meanwhile, another user added to the list and wrote, 'At the same time cook 3 healthy meals a day for your family, at the same time make time for your love life with your partner, at the same time make time for me time, at the same time keep the house clean, at the same time make sure the kids lives are in order, at the same time work a full time job! #adulting'.

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Watch the video here:

This left us wondering what we're actually expecting out of ourselves and how social media makes balance look so achievable when it's a struggle at best, especially in today's day and age. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below.

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