Viraj Ghelani’s stand-up debut draws overflowing crowds in Mumbai

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Viraj Ghelani’s stand-up debut

Viraj Ghelani’s comedy extravaganza saw Mumbai’s Ragmandir packed to capacity as people cheered his stand-up debut. 

Mumbai witnessed a comedic revolution on May 4th, 2024, as Viraj Ghelani, celebrated as one of India's most cherished social media personalities, embarked on his maiden voyage into stand-up comedy. Ghelani's two consecutive performances at Rangmandir in Bandra West were nothing short of sensational, leaving audiences gasping for breath amidst fits of laughter.

The ambiance at Rangmandir crackled with energy as Ghelani effortlessly endeared himself to the crowd with his sharp wit and infectious humour. Despite the venue's capacity capped at 700 seats, the turnout defied all projections, with an overflow of 1500 eager fans awaiting Ghelani's comedic genius. 

In a heartwarming display of gratitude to his supporters, Ghelani ensured that no soul was left disappointed. With the auditorium brimming beyond its limits, Ghelani graciously welcomed additional attendees to experience the magic firsthand. Some enthusiasts went to great lengths, perching on floors and stairways, refusing to miss Ghelani's historic debut.

With laughter, Viraj also made his audience emotional with the narration about his not-so-privileged childhood. While performing, Ghelani recalled the days of living in his rented childhood adobe, when police visited his home due to unsuccessful EMI payments, and taking a loan to spend some family time on a picnic. It was Viraj’s passion and dedication to entertain people that got him to build a career in the entertainment industry, gradually making a mark in everyone’s heart. 

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Reflecting on the triumph of the sold-out shows, Ghelani expressed profound gratitude and unbridled excitement for the journey ahead. "I am overwhelmed by the incredible response," shared Ghelani. "This is just the beginning, and I am eager to spread more laughter and joy wherever I go." 

In addition to conquering the realm of stand-up comedy, Ghelani is poised to make his mark as the lead protagonist in the upcoming Gujarati film Jhamkudi, alongside actress Manasi Parekh. Scheduled for release on May 31st, 2024, Jhamkudi promises to showcase Ghelani's versatility and charisma on the silver screen.


From his humble origins to his reliable and steady ascent in the entertainment industry, Ghelani continues to captivate audiences with his innate charm and unwavering dedication. With each endeavour, he shatters expectations, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

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Viraj Ghelani’s stand-up Viraj Ghelani’s stand-up debut