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From creators buying their first house to creators at the IPL match, here’s a look at everything in this week's creator roundup.

Each week you’ll find your loved and favorite content creators achieve a big milestone personally and professionally. Their wins, celebrations, and achievements feel so personal to most of us especially as they choose to share their lives with us. Just this week Lakme hosted their ‘Lakme/Vogue Sunkissed’ event organized by Vogue where they introduced 4 new lines of sunscreen products. The event was a glamorous one as various beauty and fashion content creators includinh Tarini Shah, Aashan Hegde, Tasheen Rahimtoola, House of Misu’s Mital&Summiyya, Meghna Kaur and more were present at the event. The glamorous fashion couple Komal and Siddhart officially announced that they are moving in together as they bought their first house in Delhi ‘Mumkin’. In a heartwarming post, they announced,As we stand amidst the walls of ‘Mumkin,’ we are humbled by the magnitude of what we’ve accomplished. More than just a structure, this home is a symbol of our determination.. together, as a couple.” 

In yet another creator studded event over this week, Bollywood’s famous friend Orry hosted his first open fan event on Monday where many creators were present. People were seen dressed in Orry t-shirts as they partied Monday night at his event. Beauty and fashion content creators Mx Siaan, Isha Sutaria, Hussna Ahmed, Khadija Islam, subiksha Shivakumar, and Mallari featured in a conversation with Grazia India for ‘the brow story’ sharing their stories on embracing their features on their own accord. The Sharma Sisters were spotted on a birthday getaway in Lonavla as Krittika Sharma recently celebrated her birthday. Nothing warms the heart like when you do special things for your loved ones. It was such a wholesome moment to witness creator Aancha Agrawal take her parents to watch the Rajasthan Royals and Kings XII Punjab. She shares a vlog of the whole experience which was such a wholesome one to see as it was the first time for them to do an exciting activity together as a family. 

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Take a look at all that these creators did over the week:

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