From attending premiers to awards and celebrations, this creator's roundup has all the highlights from the week that was!

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While this week had nothing new happening for most of us, our favorite content creators had tons of updates for us that we've covered in this creator's roundup.

This week looked like a delightful one for celebrations and first experiences. Sakshi Mehrotra embarked on a solo trip for the first time. In her Instagram Reel, she explains the dilemma with the travel, challenges, and more but also talks about how she still found it all worth it. GQ hosted their highly anticipated GQ 35 Most Influential Awards last evening. Amongst the names of artists and actors on the list, we saw various content creators bag the GQ Awards like Sharan Hegde, Sanjyot Keer, Diipa Buller Khosla, and more. Mansi Ugale was recently seen on an international trip as she traveled to Bangkok to witness Bruno Mars play live. As Viraj Gehlani celebrated his birthday this week, he was seen spending his ‘Last Bachelor Birthday’ with his friends. New mom Priya Mallick, in a heartwarming post, celebrates one month of pure joy as she shares pictures of her precious newborn. 

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Check out what else happened over this week!

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