From magazine covers to creator-actor collaborations, this creator Week roundup looks exciting

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Be it Khushal’s collaboration with Rajkumar Rao, or Disha Madan’s cover story with women’s fitness magazine, here’s a summary of everything you may have missed this week.

With the creators sharing special announcements,  events, and occasions, this creator roundup feels special and personal. Our favourite fashion creator Sakshi Sindhwani was spotted this week on the ‘trip of her dreams’ as she continues to enjoy the cool and serene views of Swiss and Italy on her honeymoon trip with husband Raghav Arora. Ace dancer and creator Sonali Bhadauria shares a reflection of her remarkable choreographer journey as she reminisces her time with Infosys where she went from dancing and working at their events to hosting their dance event. In other exciting news, Khushal Pawar shares a fun collaboration reel that he recently did with actor Rajkumar Rao this week, the collaboration comes a week in honor of Rao’s new film ‘Srikanth’ which was released in theatres today. Digital creator Anushka Rawat shares an interesting partnership that she got to recently do with Australian Chef and restauranteur Gary Mehigan, in her caption she mentions, “From watching Gary Mehigan on TV & getting inspired by him to casually chit chatting with him, we’ve come a longg wayyy”.

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Take a look a what else happened over this week with creators.

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