From vibrant events to international trips, take a look at all the exciting stuff that creators shared over the week

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Stirring excitement to exhilarating ventures this creator's weekly roundup sums up everything that you should know from the week.

Not one week has gone by where there isn’t something exciting stuff happening for the lovely creators we know and love. Lifestyle vlogger Shrishtyy shared her ‘Unboxing my biggest buy’ video as she celebrated buying her new house, which was indeed a special one. Creators have been making their mark recently as they tour internationally in collaborations with brands. The Kult app along with the Korean Tourism Organization India took fashion and lifestyle creators like Deeksha Khurana, Tarini Shah, Aashna Hegde, and many others on a trip to South Korea who were blooming with joy on witnessing the Sakura season there. Sushant Divgikr marveled the fans with a masculine look that happened to be a screen test for a role in a movie. While sharing the same Sushant wrote a heartwarming caption that read, “ An ACTOR should be able to portray any and every type of character on screen The other day I went to test to play the part of such an awesome character in a Hindi film by an iconic filmmaker and I had to look like this for the character to come to life even for my screen test !!! I hope I get the part BUT Whether I get the part or not, the fact that I could be in the same room as such celebrated artists and stalwarts from the industry and that they made me feel so much at ease, was my win.”

Creator and chef Saloni Kukreja shared a delightful post about her venture of refreshing palettes of ice cream and sorbets as she gears for a re-opening of the ‘Indu 2.0’. Continuing the line of excellence in Indian creators going international on collabs, Mrunal Panchal was spotted in New York as part of the beauty cosmetic company Rare Beauty's new product launch celebration. Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar were also seen in NY for yet another international collaboration as they joined Netflix in celebration of Jack Synder's Rebel Moon 2. Meanwhile, many well-known beauty and fashion creators in Mumbai were seen in Alibaug where they joined Maybelline Newyork India for a quick ‘30Hr Super Staycation’ in celebration of the launch of their new foundation. It was a dazzling lavender-hazed event as creators Malvika Sitlani, Sakshi Sindhwani, Mridul Sharma, Debasree Banerjee, and more looked glamorous in all shades of Lavender.

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