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The creators had a fun time over the week and if you are wondering what your favorite creators were up to, keep scrolling.

This week has been one for the books, especially as Malvika Sitlani celebrated being the Indian Ambassador for the Benefit Brow Best-In-Class influencer. Being a leading beauty influencer and blogger, she has been making strides in the content industry. For many firsts Nagma Mirajkar and Awez Darbar were both spotted chasing the northern lights in Finland and they spotted it a few days later into their trip. While talking about her experience, Nagma said, “it was one of the best nights to see! We were so lucky and grateful that we got to witness this amazing phenomenon and trust me, no matter how much I explain, it won’t do justice to what we saw and felt. nature is beautiful subhanallah."  Ruhee Dosani and Prabhleen Kaur celebrated their birthdays respectively. While Ruhee spent it in Saudi with new friends, Kaur was with her friends and family at home. 

In another story, Ella D’ Verma was spotted with Shivam Bhardwaj as they rode the train doing an enticing shoot with the theme of breaking stereotypes that had people talking. This week was also an enthralling time for some influencers as many were spotted at the Under25 Summit in Bangalore, the line-up had a huge list of well-known creators, including Niharika, Aisha Ahmed, Ankush Bahuguna, Moses Koul, Nicole Concessao, Sonal Devraj and many more. The summit has always been a place that unites creators, artists, and influencers to share a space that celebrates youngsters. In a surprising meet on his American tour, Zakir Khan shared a train ride with American-Indian actor Kal Penn as they bonded over fun banter.

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Here are visuals into all the fun creators had this week ;



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