From creator tour across countries to IPL commentary debut, here’s everything that’s happened over the week.

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From the Holi festivities to fresh adventures, take a look at all that has been a highlight of the creator's weekend.

Creators deserve all the personal victories and don’t we love seeing them celebrate the fruits of their hard work?! The Orange Juice gang members Neel and Saurabh had a fun first-in-a-lifetime experience as they shared the commentary box for the latest IPL match with Indian cricketer Kedar Jadhav and commentators Chaitanya Sant, Siddhesh Lad. Saurabh in his caption writes, ‘My first time in a Commentary Box, gharpe sofa pe beth ke timepass commentary karta tha kisko pata tha sach mai chance milega’  while Neil took to Instagram to share visuals from his fun experience in the IPL commentator box. One of our favourite creator couples Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma were spotted on a holiday in Sydney enjoying a getaway, in their visuals on Instagram. They penned down their experience by writing, ‘A romantic getaway in Sydney just what we needed before our wedding preps!’ even as they continued their time in Australia do check out their profile as they share more from their trip.

One of our favorite travel filmmakers and storytellers Larissa D’sa was seen in Portugal as she enjoyed a skateboarding boot camp followed by touring in Portugal. Twoticketstofreedom aka Prachi and Harsh were also spotted on their trip to South America Patagonia. In exciting news, Kusha Kapila, Masoom Minawla, and Diipa Buller Khosla are featured on the cover of this month’s edition of the Elle digital magazine. How can we miss out on the fun Holi-Monday where many creators were seen enjoying Holi with their friends and families, In a wholesome video, Juhi Godambe shared celebrating her son’s first Holi. Sushant Divgikr joined the ‘Mission Swattchata’  in association with Harpic and News 18, she shared the panel discussion with Akshay Kumar, Mithali Raj, and more. Adding Colours to his bedroom, Karan Sonawane shared the new upgrade that he has made, he alerts everyone that 'the new streamer on YouTube has arrived! '. 

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