From receiving rewards at the inspireXcellence to celebrating milestones, check out these over the weekend ecstatic events

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Delve into the exciting world of our ecstatic creator weekend roundup, where every thrilling detail awaits your exploration. 

Every week, our creator weekend roundups ascend to new heights of excitement, showcasing innovative, and downright exhilarating adventures for creators we love and adore. Ritika Bhandari celebrated her 29th birthday over the weekend, the newlywed shared in a reel as she enjoyed her birthday with her husband. Maya The Dragqueen aka Alex Matthew reminisces about the time he shared shooting season 1 of The Queer Explorer with a public figure and Artist Nicky Doll. He shared his excitement for the world to see the 1st season. One of our favorite creator couples, Himani Dhall and Devansh Kamboj share a heartwarming hilarious behind-the-scenes reel as they prepare to arrive for the inspireXcellence Influencer Summit Awards 2024. They received the Emerging Influencer Award at the event last evening which was an initiative by the NID foundation. The event witnessed various creators from different genres present for the event. Even as Mrunal Panchal continues her New York trip with Rare Beauty, over the weekend, Mrunal had the opportunity to yet again after her 2023 trip had the opportunity to meet Selena Gomez this year. Unnati and Manav continue an exciting trip in Dubai creating memories with safari trips, roller skating, and much more. Celebrating big milestones in their journey, Aashan Shroff, Nicole, and Sonal (Team Naach) celebrated their 10 years in the content journey in their respective fields, their remarkable content is something we've adored over the years, and we wish them nothing but the best. 

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Check out all these exciting ventures creators have witnessed and celebrated this weekend;

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