From performing for debut events to 100k celebrations, here is everything on this weekend roundup

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A vibrant weekend of celebrations and first experiences, here's a look at everything that went down over this weekend.

This creator weekend roundup is a mix of the many celebratory moments for creators. Natasha Luthra the soon mommy-to-be shared fun and loving moments with the internet from her surprise baby shower while Nupur Munot legally married her soulmate and beau Rohan Kulkarni. In other news of first experiences and visits, digital creator and makeup artist Fizza Abdi gave her followers exciting visuals from her fun trip to Paris as she traveled to Disneyland Paris with her husband Mannan Khan. Travel content creator Ankita Kumar had an exhilarating experience visiting the northern lights of Alaska along with adventure traveler and companion Radhika. They both looked seemingly overjoyed witnessing the aurora for the first time and so did the internet. Jasprit Singh did a debut show for the SilverStage events in Dubai (UAE), which was a successful hit. Khushnaz was seen at the SheThePeople event as she was awarded the 40under40 award, in the GRWM video for the event while sharing insightful learnings on the things she learned in her 40s. Talking about winning, Anindita celebrated a milestone of 100k followers on her Instagram profile, we wish her nothing but the best for her content journey. This creator weekend looked like a delightful celebratory one indeed.

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Take a look Visually into what this creator weekend was like; 

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