From solo living to new beginnings, this weekend roundup has it all!

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Sonal Devraj moving into her new home to Mridul Sharma being engaged in her wedding festivities, this weekend roundup talks about it all!

It was a weekend for big moves on the personal and professional front for various creators. Team Naach fame Sonal Devraj moved into her new home. In a heartwarming post, she reminisces about this being the second year of her living by herself. In other celebratory news, Mridul Sharma shares glimpses and bits from her wedding festivities that are underway as she is soon to tie the knot with her high school sweetheart, Aditya. Rj Raghav shared a huge highlight of his weekend as he had the opportunity to meet Indian team cricket player Rishabh Pant while gifting him stumps. He shared exciting visuals from his meeting with the cricketer as they posed together. This weekend undeniably looked like a week of celebration and big changes.  

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Here's a look into what happened this weekend!

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