From receiving awards to another notable landmark, here’s a look at creator's weekend

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From Dharna GILS award honor to Shreya's first meet-up and more, here’s a recap of this creator's weekend in a roundup.

We love the weekends, and so do creators who are always up to something exciting on the weekends. Starting the weekend fun, we saw content creator and our favorite dance teacher Dharna grace the GILS Awards (Global Influencer and Leadership Summit). She was recognized as a global influencer and accepted the honor from acclaimed actor Rajkumar Rao. Speaking of joyous moments, Shreya Arora shared bits from her first meet-and-greet event in Delhi. Naveen, also known as Bihari Ladka, shared a heartwarming video of the opportunity to take his grandmother to visit the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Talking of traveling, Rashi Chaudary listed dos and don'ts for fellow travelers planning on visiting Muscat, Oman.  Renowned creators Unnati Malharkar, Vogue Vanity (Daisy and Ankit), Aatman Desai, Tejas Patil, and actor Rochelle Rao Sequeira joined forces in a collaborative ad music video, adding their flair to Tata Neu's latest campaign, which embraces the spirit of celebrating the IPL season together. Adil Khan announces his USA tour co-teaching his choreographies in association with Rohit Jethwani. He commemorates the tour during his birthday month.

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Take a look at what else happened over this weekend; 

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