From Shehnaz Treasury's upcoming novel to Kanan Gill's film, this weekly roundup has few exciting announcements

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Celebrating, creating and inspiring, our favourite creators did it all this week. Scroll through this weekly roundup to revisit the best updates.

It was a historic achievement for Prajakta Koli who attended the COP28 Climate Summit in the United Arab Emirates participating in multiple panel discussions and interactions. She was the only YouTuber from the Indian sub-continent to be invited by Google to this significant gathering as a speaker. We are eagerly waiting to read Shehnaz Treasury's upcoming novel "All he left me was a Recipe". The novel is inspired by her personal romantic experiences as she talks about the people she met all her life. 

Christmas is better when we have some new releases on our watchlist. This Christmas, get ready to be entertained by the performance of Kanan Gill as he takes on the role of Jash in Netflix’s latest Norwegian film, Christmas as Usual. The film was released on December 6th and has received love from his fans. Indie Wild, the brand of Diipa Buller-Khosla, is set to unveil its latest Dewy lip treatment products, with Malvika Sitlani stepping in as the product ambassador. This week was also about celebrations. Shriya Jain and Rishav Jain got married and took to Instagram to share a sneak peek with their fans. Poet, Yahya Bootwala tied the knot with Khadija K. Fans sent their best wishes to these couples. Shirin Sherwani and Udayan Sachan announced their pregnancy with a unique social media post.

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Here are the best updates of the week!

Happy Weekend!

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