Content creators are here for the craze of the IND vs PAK match for World Cup 2023

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World Cup 2023

“Koi humse jeet na paave. Chale chalo, chale chalo” is an absolute mood right now as Meta Super 50 creators have joined the fun in anticipation of the upcoming IND vs PAK match for World Cup 2023.

It’s that time of the year when the whole of India is finding ways to ditch work so they can make time to watch their favorite battle on the field. World Cup started off with wins for team India and viewers have been celebrating every moment up until now. While everyone was busy cheering team India and rejoicing in their play, what they were actually waiting for was the Ind vs Pak match that is set to air on October 14. People are ready with tons of patriotism to shower and added excitement filled with nervousness to see who wins by the end of the match. Joining the fun are our content creators keeping everyone hyped up for the most anticipated match of World Cup 2023!

Joining ICC World Cup in their celebrations, Meta creators have been busy doing what they do best, weaving stories around the gentleman’s game, creators have been keeping the spirits for the upcoming match alive among audiences on the digital platform. From Sukriti Rana personifying every emotion that our body feels to Shreyas Mendiratta predicting what this season will look like and Funcho accidentally mixing gully and International cricket, these creators are ballyhooing WC 2023 like the festival that it is.

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Check out these Meta Super 50 creators and their excitement!

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