How many times have you been bored out of your mind, to proceed to check your ‘Other Messages’ folder on Facebook? You haven’t? Well you absolutely should. You might locate a few hours worth of laughter. Or disgust.

We did! And the results did not disappoint.

Facebook is great place to keep in with friends, old and new, but then it is not completely bereft of weirdos that want to be ‘fraandz’ or who think you are anything between ‘swt’ to ‘hawt’. True, this plagues women much more often than it does men, but then when something is so outrageously stupid, how can you not laugh at it?

Social Samosa brings you some of the most ridiculously creepy messages that will make you laugh first and then check your own ‘Other Messages’ folder.

1. He just didn’t want to categorize himself as cheap Mumbaikars! Is that too much to ask?

2. Ah.. Smooth!

3. Sanskaari Creep anyone?

4. K..K..K..K..Kreepy much?

5. I can’t even..

6. From Hey to Bae to Dil ke tukdae in no time.

7. Perseverance is the key ladies and gentlemen.


8.Kross Kountry Kreep, K?

9. The proverbial sour grapes.

10. Buzdillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…………….

11. An eloquent one for a change.

12. I’m just going to stop at 10% stupid.

13. Hold on.. the translator is on his way.

14. All he wanted was a handshake </3

15. Yeah and I also love to initiate random conversations with strangers on Facebook.



Go look for some creeps, it can be fun. *Wipes tears of laughter*