CRY - Child Rights and You creates awareness on every child’s right to a happy childhood with the #YellowFellow campaign

Priyanka Parmar
Dec 03, 2019 11:44 IST
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Child Rights and You

Here's how CRY - Child Rights and You brings smiles on the faces of children with the help of its #YellowFellow campaign.

Childhood is fun, adventurous, a constantly evolving learning experience, full of our first milestones and so much more. A person's childhood can be many things but what it definitely should be is happy. But a happy childhood doesn't happen on its own, does it? What truly makes a child feel happy and loved is the people around them who care for them, comfort them and help them grow. If you agree with that then, the #YellowFellow campaign by Child Rights and You is something you must know about!

Here's taking a look at CRY's #YellowFellow campaign and every little step that helped them bring smiles on the faces of hundreds of children across the country. With an aim to raise awareness and get as many helpers (Hey, even Santa needs them!) as they can to help ensure happy childhoods, CRY - Child Right and You urged people to use a pair of yellow socks in unique, creative and quirky ways and post a photo of themselves on their social media; tagging 3 friends to become a #YellowFellow as well. The engaging campaign saw posts coming from both kids and adults. Not just that, even famous Indian personalities joined CRY's efforts into spreading a word by becoming a #YellowFellow themselves!

Take a look:

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Chef #VikasKhanna is a #YellowFellow too, to raise awareness for every child’s right to a happy childhood, and it completely made our day! Here's some #MondayMotivation for you - #BecomeAYellowFellow to stand up for the children who need it the most and support their right to a happy childhood. All you have to do is wear yellow socks in unique ways and upload a photo of yourself on social media tagging us. You can even use our Facebook and Instagram #YellowFellow photo filters too! Find the link to our Instagram filter in our bio. #BecomeAYellowFellow #CampaignForACause #CelebratingHappyChildhoods #instaphoto #instalike #instadaily #selfie #filters #facefilters #socks #challenge #foracause #chef

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Talented illustrators also joined CRY's efforts by pledging to be a #YellowFellow in their own style. Check out these impressive and adorable illustrations!

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I'm very thankful to my parents for never forcing me to colour inside the lines, for letting me make my walls the canvas & for never questioning why my peacocks looked like flowers instead of birds. They let me express myself, develop my own personality & allow me to correct by my own observations. Parents often try to micro-manage their children in order to "help them excel in everything they do". But life isn't just about "success" alone; it's about feelings, emotions & expression that makes us who we are as adults. Cheers to my parents for never forcing me to win awards or prizes & always rewarding me with appreciation for trying. That alone led me to want to work hard FOR MYSELF, not to impress them or my teachers! Also a big shout out to @cry_india for raising awareness & advocating happier childhoods. #YellowFellow . . . . Made on the #iPad pro using #procreate #1548 #pranitasdrawingaday #childhood #childhoodweek #childrensillustration #comic #BecomeAYellowFellow #parenting

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It feels so good to think that what I'm today is what I received yesterday. As a child, I remember I always got opportunities and medium to learn, play n have all sort of fun every child dreams to have. But, it is not merrier for one and all around? Even today I see people below poverty line putting their children on labour for their everyday living. Despite, it's not legal for a child under 18 to work, it's still happening. Recently I came across some random women(the story is wide to put down here) but what she said was so appreciable "I could not learn much, but I want my child to be something great, greater than what I even know in this world!" Every parent tries to give their child everything possible, but there are few who need a push and for them is @cry_india They are working for such beautiful souls since when I was not even born. They're running a campaign to spread awareness for supporting every child's childhood. Let's support. I m a #YellowFellow Are you? . . . . . . . . #life #wacom #wacomindia #adobe #seemedoodle #ballpitmag #followmyart #theuncommonbox #illustratorsoninstagram #foodblogger #travelblogger #artblogger #illustrationartists #instaartist #digitalartist #mumbaiartist #mumbai #goa #cafe #weloveillustration #comics #doodles #instagram #wednesday #mtblablabla

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Learned at an early age, My parents placed me on the same page, Putting yellow socks on my teddy bear, Teddy and her lady fair, Something about the idea of giving, Brought upon a weird sense of pleasure, Teddy was my introduction to empathy, Held close to my heart like a treasure! . As childern, our world was filled with love, empathy and care for everyone and everything.. these feelings are treasures that we must all carry along for a lifetime.. . I dedicate this #inktober entry to @cry_india ! The yellow socks here represent how we were nurtured to be kind and loving and how it's sometime we should all carry along! . I nominate @sketchedup20 @pranitart @the_lazydoodler @khareabhinay #contentcreator @prashantmatani1015 . #yellowfellow #becomeayellowfellow #campaignforacause #celebratinghappychildhoods #ngo #art #artforacause #yellow #teddy #love #care #empathy #inktober2019 #inktober #inking #photoshop #draw #painter #writer #creator #children #artimately #illustrateddoris #womenwithpencils #treasure #happiness #illustrations #creative #childrensbooks

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They didn't just reach out to people in the virtual world. CRY hosted a super cool gig at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai too. The evening was made all the more special with performances by Dharavi Rocks, ToTheCulture, and Dance Fitness By Bhakti. 

Child Rights and You Child Rights and You

Child Rights and You

I am sure you'll agree with me when I say that we live in a world where we rarely commit to anything - be it a career choice, a hobby or even a web series. But how many of you know that CRY has been dedicatedly working towards creating happy childhoods for 40 years? Yep! Let that sink in for a second, people.

CRY - Child Rights and You – celebrated 40 years of ensuring happier childhoods for India’s children with ‘Together For Children’ – an evening of stand-up comedy to raise awareness for every child’s right to a happy childhood. The evening saw none other than Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya and Preeti Das entertaining the audience and encouraging them to be a #YellowFellow themselves. While in Delhi, Indian Ocean did the same by giving their fans a musical evening to remember. 

Child Rights and You

Child Rights and You


Child Rights and You

Child Rights and You Child Rights and You

We at Team Social Ketchup are a proud team of #YellowFellows ourselves because we believe happy childhoods should be a must not an option. We also think it's never too late to do something good.

So, here's how you can be a #YellowFellow:

Get a pair of yellow socks (Click here to buy a pair online) and use it in quirky or unique ways OR you can also try out our #YellowFellow filters on Facebook and Instagram, upload a picture of yourself and tag CRY - Child Rights and You!

Don't forget to use the hashtag and tag the CRY India page! Raise awareness for the children who need it the most in a fun way - #BecomeAYellowFellow!

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