While offices are still shut down, does Cubicles season 2 on SonyLIV make us want to go back to work and deal with the daily hustle? The janta answers.

Offices were slowly opening their doors again and employees were getting out of their pajamas for 2 to 3 days a week. The working culture with its hustle was slowly making a comeback when Omicron hit us and we were all pushed into WFH set-ups, yet again. Cubicles season 2 was released with the hope of bringing the nostalgia and feel of working together in an office to the audience.

Cubicles is set up in an IT Corporate sector where we get to watch what life looks like in a corporate world through Piyush Prajapati, an IT professional, and others. This series shows the journey of a newbie Piyush making a place for himself and dealing with organizational relationships. The second season of this show explores the next chapter of Piyush’s professional life and deals with important questions about being a working professional. Directed by Chaitanya Kumbhakonum, it stars Abhishek Chauhan, Badri Chavan, Niketan Sharma, Nidhi Bisht, and Ayushi Gupta in pivotal roles. The season premiered on SonyLIV on Jan 7!

Here’s what the janta has to say about it!

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