Man shares his failed customised face mask and Twitterati join in as they share pictures of their mask too.

Mask has become an important part of our attire. There is no chance for us to leave our house without one at least for some time. Since it has become so important, people are trying their best in innovating on the same to make it look more fashionable and different. Getting a customised face mask is one of them. Things become a bit weird when a man shared his customised face mask that was an epic fail.

Considering it becoming a necessity, the internet is flooded with a variety of masks. From the ones with quotes to once made with gold or once with sequences, there is a bunch of face masks. Customizing these have just become another new variety where people get half of their face printed on the mask. This helps people recognise them even when they have their masks on. One of the Twitter users also ordered such a mask, but it ended up being an epic fail. The face on the mask was, quote “20% larger” than his face making it look funny. Following this, many others also shared their failed customised face mask.

Take a look at what Twitter had to say:

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