The Dalgona Coffee trend has everyone whisking away with gusto to make a serving of some delicious beverage!

If you have been active on any social platform lately, you would have definitely come across the latest trend of Dalgona Coffee. World’s coffee lovers have come together to present the latest brew and they’re showing it off on their social profiles. But before we get to the interesting parts, let’s get to the basics.

What Is Dalgona Coffee?

A 3 ingredient coffee that requires exceptional arm strength (or an electric whisker). You gotta mix equal parts of coffee, sugar and water and get on whisking! Beat the mixture until it attains creamy consistency. Top off the coffee mix with cold milk, or warm milk, or water. Voila, there you have it, your very own Dalgona Coffee.

How Did It Start?

While you enjoy your newest creation, let us tell you how it all began. This coffee preparation started gaining popularity in February 2020. Jung Il Woo, a South Korean actor was visiting Macau when he came across the recipe. He decided to showcase the recipe on a South Korean TV show called Fun-Staurant. Basically, the recipe originated on South Korean TV before getting a hit on TikTok (that’s also where it got its name as TikTok Coffee) and has ‘whisked’ everyone into trying it too!

While some aced the Dalgona Coffee challenge, so also witnessed hilarious coffee fails. Take a look:

Have you tried your hand at making Dalgona Coffee yet?