After crushing on Kylie Jenner Punjabi Superstar Daljit Dosanjh has moved on to a new celebrity

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Daljit Dosanjh Gal Gadot

Daljit Dosanjh Gal Gadot - yes the two names we never thought would be used in one sentence finally are. Amazing 2018!

Punjabi actor, Singer, Television Presenter and Social Media Celebrity Daljit Dosanjh has expressed his fascination over new Hollywood celebrity this time.

Everyone has a New Year resolution and seems like Daljit Dosanjh’s is to spread love. This year the Punjabi munda has shifted his focus from Kylie Jenner to our very own Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot!

Daljit has an obvious affection with Kylie Jenner but after spending two years he has finally moved on TO the Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot. While the entire world fell head over heels for Gal Gadot post her debut film, Wonder Woman, she also caught the attention of our very own Daljit Dosanjh.

The Punjabi Superstar recently commented on Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot's Instagram picture saying that "she seems like she is from Punjab".



After doing surprisingly cute yet weird comments on Kylie Janner 's we can’t say we were surprised about this.


So, are miffed about Daljit’s upfront behaviour or find it endearing that the actor is all for expressing his thoughts despite being a celebrity.

Anyway, Wonder Woman, enjoy the attention while it lasts, our Punjabi munda might move on soon.

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