DAMNFAM FASHION WEEK 2020: Experience different tastes, styles and forms of fashion with these fashion influencers and their own exciting fashion show!

Damnfam recently put up an extraordinary show to keep their fans and followers entertained. These popular influencers and the largest influencer gang from across came together to create a show that has never been done before! Yes, a quarantine-edition fashion show! DAMNFAM FASHION WEEK 2020 was a star-studded, quarantine-edition fashion show that was pulled off by the handsome and beautiful fashionistas!

This is a unique fashion show with some unique twist as well. The influencers were instructed not to wear anything from their own wardrobe. They were asked to hack one of their family members’ wardrobe and create a new look that would be exciting, fresh and glamourous!

The DamnFam team shares a joint content on the platforms of all the 11 influencers which is a mix of funny videos, vlogs, engaging session and something creative content every time!

Expressing happiness on the launch of the Youtube Channel, Mrunal Panchal, says,It’s crazy to be in a group of 11 talents. So much of creativity under one roof. We call it a family! Looking forward to hearing from our fans how they are finding our joint content.

“It’s elating to see this happen. It was a dream from a long time to launch our YouTube and share exciting stuff there. And it’s surreal to see it happen true. Glad!,” concludes Manav Chhabra.

Brace yourself for some ravishing looks created by them:

Catch the DAMNFAM FASHION WEEK 2020 here:


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