Be ready to get smitten as you scroll through some of these dance Reels by Ankush that will make you fall for him all over again!

Our digital celebrities can be full of surprises. We have seen them create some amazing content, giving voice and platform to every other weird thought that we have. They made us realize that we’re not alone and that there are people with whom we can relate. Ankush Bahuguna and his little rant sesh have become that for us with him making a point about every little inconvenience just like we want to. But he has, over time, shared some other parts of himself with the world that we have grown to absolutely love.

We can find solace on his IG feed and raise our hands in agreement without feeling guilty about how relatable he is. We have seen him rant about how single he is time and again while many have a crush on him. With his makeup account, he only gave us one more reason reminding us why we love him. He can ‘wing’ any look with ease while breaking gender stereotypes But besides this, we also love his dancing Reels. Ankush keeps adding more variety to the kind of content that he puts online. Perfecting most of the trends and also keeping up with his choreographer friend Shazeb Sheikh, Ankush has us wanting more each time. He’s raised the bar leaving us wondering what else he has in store for us. These videos are only proof that there’s nothing this man can’t do!

Check it out!

Seriously, what is this sorcery, Ankush?

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