The One Where Ross Was (NOT ) a Thief!

Mansi Mirani
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David Schwimmer

The internet is roaring with FRIENDS memes and why not? The Blackpool Police took to Facebook on 23rd October to ask for help regarding the theft by a thief who looked very much like our very own Dr. Geller!

The footage saw the guy carrying a carton of beer. But the interesting (read: scandalous) part here is –he is David Schwimmer’s, a.ka. Ross’s doppelganger!

Here’s The Blackpool Police’s post:

David was quick to respond to the video and posted his own witty reply to it. Don’t worry Ross, we’ll be there for you. Pun intended!

Undoubtedly, Twitterati had a Pandora’s box of memes ready for this incident! Take a look:

Wow, that break really hit him hard.


He didn’t spare the salt, who knows about beer? Lol!

Phoebe would totally help in pulling something like this off!

Conspiracy theory #1 –It’s RUSS!

He’s always AWARE, hence the quick response!

Let’s just shoplift then, shall we?

Smooth, isn’t he?

Classic Ross? Classic Russ? We’ll never know.

Why do bad things happen to good people?!

Could he BE more of a lookalike?

Nevertheless, the Blackpool Police clarified that it’s definitely not David as he was in New York that day (because otherwise we would have thought it was actually him, lol!)

Let’s just say it hadn’t been David’s day!

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