The Jammu and Kashmir DSP, Davinder Singh was arrested after he was caught red-handed ferrying with two wanted terrorists on Sunday. He is likely to be stripped of his gallantry award.

On December 2001, India witnessed an attack on the highest seat of democracy when five terrorists attacked the Parliament of India killing nine security personnel. The next day Afzal Guru was arrested who immediately surrendered and confessed to carrying out the attacks. He was hanged in 2013. While the case was considered to have ended with his execution, the question was still unanswered as there was no proper investigation against the kingpin who was named by Afzal Guru in connection to the attack. Afzal had named the deputy superintendent of police in Jammu and Kashmir, Davinder Singh, stating that he had tortured him and his family for months before sending him with other terrorists to attack the parliament. Now after 18 years, the case has essentially reopened as Davindra Singh was arrested on Sunday after being caught red-handed with two wanted terrorist. This has exposed the fallacy of the investigation carried out by the Indian agencies. However, police have confirmed that he will be interrogated as a terrorist. Reports say that he will be stripped off his Presidents Gallantry Medal award following his arrest.

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