Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh FINALLY got hitched yesterday after dating for 6 years and the fans are in awe! The wedding took place at Lake Como, Italy and predictably, the paparazzi wasn’t allowed. This left all of us scrolling through our phones all day, just to get one glimpse of our favorite couple!

The couple finally uploaded 2 pictures –one of their Konkani wedding, and the other of their Sindhi one. Deepika looked breathtaking (no surprises there, duh) whereas Ranveer was beaming with joy! Soon enough, my entire feed was swamped with those 2 photographs, to the point where I had memorized them!

Although, netizens had already started making hilarious memes and they were too good to not share! Check them out:

1. Praan jaye par brand naa jaye!

2. I don’t think they’re facing any issue right now!

3. I’ve never felt so single in my life. Brb crying.

4. Shaadi is the key to your happiness beta!

5. I think I can collectively say for everyone –THANK GOD! Ranveer didn’t try his fashion stunts here!

6. I think he might be asking why Deepika didn’t let him play that.

7. IKR!

8. I hope Deepika locks her closet because we see weird Ranveer enough times already!

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9. I’ve lost hopes of seeing that day, honestly.


We are eagerly waiting for more pictures as we can’t get enough of these two! But I think DeepVeer are taking “in dono ke love me duniya ka kya kaam” part too seriously!