Delhi HC’s recent verdict says a mask is compulsory for a person driving alone in a private vehicle. And a car as a ‘public place’ and Twitter has a lot to say.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, the administration has always applied the trial and error method over laws related to stopping the spread. Though it has always levied fines for not wearing masks to increase fear and awareness among people. Still one of the biggest confusions has always lingered around throughout. Whether should it be compulsory for an individual driving alone in a car to wear a mask? The Delhi HC recent verdict put an end to this confusion.

While hearing a petition Delhi HC’s ruled, A mask is compulsory even if a person is driving alone in a private vehicle. A car will be taken as a ‘public place’. Announcing the judgment, Judge Pratibha M Singh, said,When a car stops at a traffic signal, a driver often has to roll down their window. The coronavirus is so contagious that even in that time, anyone can be infected.

Tweeple were quick in their reactions. While some made fun of the logic behind the ruling, others had questions:

The verdict apparently did not go down well with people at this particular time. The argument is that meanwhile election rallies and religious gatherings are being organized in the country without any restrictions even when the COVID infections are at an all-time high. Why and how a person driving alone in a car can only be the cause of the spread? And if car is a public space and alone person needs to wear a mask then a person should remain all the time wearing a mask.

Well, the verdict is definitely debatable but these reactions will definitely make you ponder as you laugh out loud.

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