Delhi pollution: Government re-implements the odd-even scheme as a measure

Smrithi Mohan
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Delhi pollution

India's capital is finding it difficult to breathe as the level of Delhi pollution is worse than it has ever been. CM Kejriwal brings back the odd-even scheme in light of the situation.

Delhi has always been on the radar as it is prey to bad air and weather condition. According to the survey by WHO (World Health organisation) conducted in 1600 cities around the world, the air quality in Delhi is the worst among all the major cities. People of the city are currently forced to step out of their homes with a mask to protect themselves from Delhi pollution.

The level of pollution in Delhi worsened after Diwali. The city's air quality deteriorated as a result of people's Diwali celebrations, which included bursting a lot of crackers, making the situation in Delhi worst. In order to control the situation, the government brought back the odd-even scheme encouraging people to use public transport and carpooling to reduce the amount of pollution caused by personal vehicles.

Considering the Delhi pollution, the odd-even scheme was brought into effect once again on Monday:

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Various celebrities also took to social media to share their concern related to Delhi pollution:

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Do you think the odd-even scheme is enough to curb the level of Delhi pollution?

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