A Twitter timeline of the vehicle pile-up on Yamuna Expressway!

Mohammad Kanchwala
Nov 08, 2017 11:18 IST
A Twitter timeline of the vehicle pile-up on Yamuna Expressway!

Things are starting to go from worse to absolute batshit crazy for Delhi and their neighbouring cities and towns with a dense blanket of smog engulfing the Yamuna Expressway, leading to a chaotic pile up of vehicles ramming into one another!

News reports suggest that over 15 vehicles have run into each other resulting in a few minor injuries and luckily hasn’t resulted in loss of life. Although considering the air quality in Delhi, the accidents on the Yamuna Expressway may not cause as much harm as the smog that continues to choke every pair of lungs in Delhi.

The video from journalist Pankaj Parashar has been reported to be from last year, and inaccurate. Regardless, this particular video has been doing the rounds on social media and WhatsApp consistently.

Reports of accidents and vehicles piling up are true, although we cannot vouch for the date of Pankaj Parashar's video.

Panic and fear has gripped travellers on the Yamuna Expressway as visibility continues to drop, and not being able to anticipate or see what lies around them has added to the fears.

Images and videos of the horrifying scenes at the Yamuna Expressway, with damaged vehicles scattered at the side of the road, people screaming in fear and the palpable tension in the air that makes it chilling to merely watch, let alone be present in such a situation.

Twitter users were seen making a plea to all their families and the social media community to address this biohazard that has the potential to seriously harm all of us, and our loved ones.

Firecrackers were banned by the Supreme Court this Diwali, and rightly so, as they do add up to the already existing problem. Although the Supreme Court did not fulfil their duties completely as they failed to address the chief cause of the Delhi smog that has resulted in poor visibility and the unfortunate mishap at the Yamuna Expressway.

The stubble burning at fields in Punjab and Haryana carries the toxic smoke and delivers it to the doorstep of the National Capital, choking the city of Delhi and greeting it with smog every morning.

Extending our thoughts and prayers for all the injured and people stuck at the Yamuna Expressway, we hope that the visibility improves and the toxic pollution and smog subsides.

Let us all collectively pledge to #GoGreen, and be responsible whenever and wherever possible to reduce our impact on our world, whether it is the use of fossil fuels, electricity and water conservation, boycotting firecrackers and everything else within our power.

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