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These amazing dessert chefs can contribute in making your mother happy this Mother's Day. Don't miss out on this sweet treat!

This year is definitely not the one where we can think of having lavish celebrations. But, sometimes life gives us a chance to have our own share of sweet treats. Mother's Day happens to be that one lucky occasion where we can be happy and relive those childhood memories.

Remember those little anecdotes your mother used to share with you? Those cute little things you did as a child or how naughty you were, is a favorite topic of many. Thinking about those sweet memories still leaves a tinge of nostalgia. There are many great ways to celebrate this wonderful day. You can make her breakfast in bed, whip up something nice or make her a nice gift and a card with a thoughtful message. If she has a sweet tooth nothing can beat a good dessert. You'll win her over immediately.

Starting the day on a sweet note will make her heart melt. There is nothing else in the world that can beat a mother's smile. Baked goods like cupcakes, healthy cookies, or homemade cheesecakes, pies, and sweetbreads are also fun to put together. They are easy-to-cook dishes that are healthy and also tasty. Although they might not be as perfect as her, these treats can certainly up your celebration game. We understand you might be confused as to where you can get a good recipe from. Don't worry, we are here to help you. This list of dessert chefs on Instagram can make it much easier for you. Want to know how? Have a look.

Grab a spatula, gloves and get ready to make it a perfect day for your mother!

Tell us which is favorite?

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