We have safely entered the era where even the detainees are being offered “four-star” services in a police station! Here’s how Twitter reacted.

The google reviews are not just for food apps or cab apps but apparently for Police stations also. The Naya Nagar Police Station in Maharashtra’s Mira-Bhayandar area recently got famous on social media after detainees offered “four-star” services in a police station. 

According to the review that is five-months-old, the police station offers “four-star” hospitality for whoever comes in there. Manusri Avesh, the reviewer talks about the food offered, the officers being kind, and overall his good experience within the police station. The only problem was that the handcuffs were a little tight.

The review is similar to a review for a restaurant can take time to understand that it is a review for a police station. One of the officers of the police station,  IPS Santosh Singh posted the review on his Twitter saying somebody is looking to be getting arrested again. 

With this, you might think that this is the only review of a police station, well no. There is a lot more boasting about the great service and good hospitality of the police station on the internet. 

The netizens had a gala time over this review and the sarcastic comment. People were surprised as well as were quick enough to be quirky with it. Take a look for yourself

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