The most problematic character, Devi from Never Have I Ever, is so relatable that it makes me think we might be related!

Do you have a character from a movie or TV show that just makes you feel good about yourself? For me, it has to be Devi Vishwakumar. What I’ve learned from watching series is they’re a medium of entertainment for sure, but there’s so much to learn and understand that we otherwise would’ve missed out on. Some of us experienced things that led to us growing up early; we’ve been 21 since we turned 17 and it’s difficult, but it’s okay. And hence our girl, Devi from Never Have I Ever, is just so relatable on some bizarre levels that it honestly scares me.

When I first watched Never Have I Ever, I never thought about how a person can duplicate your personality so well. Devi might just be the GenZiest person to ever exist on Netflix! At this point, I connect with her so much that whatever she says, I am like SAME! Devi has gone through some shit and it honestly leaves me speechless like how is this girl still alive? What I learned from Devi is no matter how many times she messes up, she always tries to overcome them in a mature way and every time she does that, it just shows how much better she gets at handling things.

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Here are 6 reasons why I think Devi is my long-lost twin.

She’s indecisive

Yes, all teenagers are indecisive in some way or the other, just like me, but when it comes to Devi, it just falls in line so perfectly, and it makes sense why she’s doing what she’s doing. You can’t blame her, right? Her life has always been a messy mart.


She doesn’t know how to handle her emotions

This may be every teenager’s thing, but Devi and I share some bizarre commonalities on this one! Not knowing how to handle emotions and always choosing the wrong guy, getting stuck in a situationship that should have ended even before it started, yep that’s our life!


She has the most supportive friends anyone could ever ask for

Her life might be messier than silky hair on a windy day, but she literally has the perfect besties she could ask for. And let’s be honest, she needs them! Having your life on the edge of a cliff can be difficult, but at least we have friends who are equally messed up, so that helps, right?


She might get an award for having the messiest dating life

When you’re a young teenager, dating can be fun, but it shouldn’t affect your mental health! That is when Devi and I start feeling like identical twins. My dating life got messier only after I turned 18, and it was a total shit fest. So when I see Devi struggling with her relationships, I feel her!


She constantly wants to fit in and wants to be seen

When she was dating Paxton all she wanted was to be seen by the entire school with her “hot boyfriend”. And NGL, at some point in my life, I have done it too, but I think it’s just the constant feeling of fitting in that makes us do crazy things that later we wince over.


She has a bad relationship with her insecurities

I might relate to this one hard because being a 20-year-old queer individual can take a toll on someone’s mind. There is a constant chain of thinking going on every second, like “they look so much better than me” or “they are smarter than me.” Overcoming insecurities can be a difficult path to cross, and Devi and I somehow crossed it delicately, and we’re definitely very proud of ourselves.


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