Dhadak's 'Zingaat' is out and well, what can we say! See for yourself...

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Dhadak Zingaat

Dhadak Zingaat is here and it is what nightmares are made of or so we feel! Can't really blame K'Jo for trying though (or can we). Take a look for yourself!

Karan Johar's Dharma Productions and Zee Studios just dropped a Hindi remake of the famous 'Zingaat' song from their soon-to-be released film Dhadak and we just can't get over it, quite literally! Other than the word 'Zingaat' the lyrics of this remake don't get into your ears until listened to, on repeat.

Barring the dwarf character with a colourful scarf, every other element seemed to be replicated, yes we understand its a remake - but originality still matters, atleast a dash of it. From Janhvi Kapoor trying really hard to match Archi's aka Rinku Rajguru's antic steps to Ishan Khattar doing his bit to complement the energetic vibes of Parshya aka Akash Thosar from Sairat, the remake has somewhat failed to re-create those vibes for us.

'Sairat' had set a certain benchmark for the makers of 'Dhadak' and after seeing the trailer as well as the title track, it definitely seems to be a difficult task to match the level of the original. Although its too early to judge the film, Sairat created history in the world of Marathi Cinema and fans aren't expecting much.

Also pay attention to Farah Khan's choreography, the all millenial loved 'dab step' has also been included in the hook step, that's what differs, ONLY!

For those who have missed it:

You cannot help but go back on YouTube and watch the original version, we bet, so here it is:

While the song, sans any doubt, trends on all social media platforms we take a look at some of the mixed reactions it has been raking.

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So, what do you think about Dhadak Zingaat?

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