One would not know what to expect when there are great performers like Himesh Reshammiya and Taher Shah plying their trade on either side of the border, driving earplug sales for years, together. Their presumed protégé has finally arrived and wrecked the internet beyond repair. Yes, we’re talking about #DhinchakPooja.

The inducer of migraines and the literary Goddess of badly/barely written lyrics, #DhinchakPooja recently released her single, ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’, third in line of chart-busting potential after ‘Daaru’ and ‘Swag Wali Topi’. All three, beyond comprehension and explanation.

If you don’t believe me, just Google her!


The subject of multiple queries on Quora, numerous newspaper articles, and armed with an ‘official’ Facebook and Twitter handle, #DhinchakPooja is the newest sensation in the cringe pop genre, where the songs are ‘deliberately’ created to sound bad.

No matter what, she has managed to make every single social media user stop and take notice, and perhaps that was her intention? We may know soon enough, meanwhile here are some #DhinchakPooja memes to alleviate the burden you put upon your ears.

1. No pls stop hurting him

2. Wat

3. Tried and Tested dost

4. Wow! She ruined Joan Cornella

5. +1 for Dhinka Chika

6. Legit suicide threat is plea for humanity survival

7. Retweet for Prasad

8. It’s just me, crying from eye to eye

9. R.I.P. bro

10. Don’t even try to cover it up. You’ve been humming it all along!

If you would like to share some #DhinchakPooja memes with us, you can send them at Meanwhile have fun. Why should we suffer alone!