Here's a list of dhol videos for some adrenaline on Visarjan Day!

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If you haven't had the chance to have an in-person experience, watch these amazing dhol videos to make up for it.

The heart and soul of any festival depend on every element that makes it special. And when it comes to Indian festivals, sound plays a very important role in setting the mood, one that is hard to ignore. Every festival has some sort of sound that makes everyone feel like a part of it no matter what religion you follow. The one sound that is filling the streets of Mumbai right now, the loud one that just doesn't seem to become a pain in our ears is the 'dhol vadak'. The incredibly captured dhol videos on Instagram are giving us a different and beautiful experience of the same for anyone who might have missed witnessing it IRL.

Ganesh Chaturthi is known for bringing Bappa home but one thing that truly brings out the spirit of the festival is the dhol that goes all out. The moment we hear even a bit of the stick fall on the drum in the distance, we know that our body will, by default, fall into a dance routine. It's hard not to bring out the snake and hands up in the air and move while listening to the popular tasha as families bid adieu to their Bappa. We can spend hours listening to them beating the drums and not get tired. That's the true essence of the city and the culture and we love it! Since Ganpati will leave us until next year, one thing we will miss apart from Bappa is the amazing dhol tasha groups. So we made a list of a few!

Check them out!

Hope you get to enjoy the last day of Ganpati in person.

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