Take a look at these funny memes on Twitter after the revised diesel price was announced that is higher than that of petrol.

For the first time, the diesel price has gone higher than that of petrol. The prices have gone up in the capital on Wednesday when the prices were raised for a couple of weeks. The petrol prices in Delhi are Rs 79.76/ litre and the diesel prices are Rs 79.88/ litre which is the record price for diesel in years where it is more expensive than petrol. The diesel prices were raised by 48 paise and that was petrol was unchanged after 17 consecutive increases, according to the state oil marketing companies. The rates also differ state to state depending on the VAT. Ever since the prices were announced, people could not stop but wonder about the development. They took to Twitter to share their funny responses to the same.

Take a look at these diesel price memes:

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