The spirits are high as everyone looks forward to welcoming Ganpati Bappa home. Digital creators join the fun in their own way!

‘Akkha public ko malum hai, kon aane vala hai.’ After two years of missing out on the fun, Bappa will finally be brought home in the full Mumbai spirit. Ganesh Chaturthi has its own charm in this city and the people here are all celebrating it to the fullest. There is nothing more exciting than watching the city go wide on the roads, in their housing societies, and inside their own homes. Everything turns into a big ball of positivity and a special kind of magical high that’s hard for us to express in words. As we wait to welcome our Bappa home, our content creators share our feelings in their own special way.

If there’s anything that has the ability to bring the entire city together apart from Mumbai locals, it’s Ganesh Chaturthi. Every ounce of energy is saved so they can give their everything to match with the dhols and the exhilaration of being in the moment. The days spent decorating our houses and setting up the pandals just so we can get him comfortable. Not to forget the late-night gaming and jamming sessions we get to have with our families and friends. But this year the enthusiasm is twice what we usually have and the creators for sure can’t keep calm and these videos are proof of it.

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Watch these videos!

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