Mad parties to the first Holi in two years; digital creators had a weekend full of joy

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From having a blast to scrubbing Holi stains off their clothes and sharing new exciting news, keep reading for digital creators' weekend updates.

We're back on another Monday, or should we say 'Mayday' considering the long weekend we spent having the time of our life. We tried to make the most of the long holiday celebrating Holi in full swing especially after spending it indoors for the last couple of years. Kids, parents, friends, families, and neighbors all came together painting each other in every color they could find and made up for the lost time. For many, it was about bringing back their childhood excitement and eliminating all the stress in their adult life for a few moments. Our digital celebrities did not hold back either and had the time of their lives. We made a list of these digital creators' weekend updates to keep you on track.

While creators like Dolly Singh, Ritvi, Sakshi Sindwani, and Subhi Singh attended extravagant Holi parties and had a blast with their friends. DJ Paroma Chatterjee set the floor on fire with her music. For creators like Sukriti, Chandnimimic, Falguni Vasavada, Roshni Batia, it was all about spending time and celebrating with their families. It was an even more special Holi for the creator couple, Nikhil Sharma and Shanice because it was their daughter Sky's first and the two had an intimate celebration.

While some creators were going all out and celebrating the day, there were others who didn't lose the chance and shared their funny take on things we have all experienced on Holi and hence spread smiles in their own usual way. Apart from Holi celebrations, creators like Anisha Dixit are keeping their followers on their toes as they wait for more on her exciting collab news with Varun Dhawan. On the other hand, we had creators attending the Nas Summit and meeting up with their fellow creators.

Here's all that happened:

How was your long weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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