Diljit Dosanjh’s song ‘RiRi’ is a tribute to Rihanna, he released a day after her farmers’ Protest Tweet

Musician Diljit Dosanjh releases a song titled ‘RiRi (Rihanna)’ after International pop-star musician Rihanna posted her support towards the Indian Farmers who are protesting against the new farm laws introduced by the central government. 

The song has been trending on YouTube ever since it’s release.

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Rihanna on Tuesday posted a tweet that highlighted the government’s latest ignorance of the farmer’s protest by cutting down on internet services in many regions, Rihanna made this tweet:

Her tweet went viral, inspiring a spate of reactions to the protests in India from other notable public personalities. Thereafter Dosanjh, who has been a vocal supporter of the farm law protests, announced the release of the song on February 3 itself. Diljit Dosanjh’s song RiRi dropped on YouTube at 1:30 pm. The song has been produced in collaboration with Punjabi singer Raj Ranjodh. Music is by Intense.

The appreciation act didn’t sit well with actor Kangana Ranaut, who is in constant banter with Dosanjh on Twitter resulting in Kangana questioning Diljit about his patriotism for the nation and more.

Link to the Song ‘RiRi’ –

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