Disney+ Hotstar's Ghar Waapsi trailer releases and it's a Dice Media production upcoming slice of drama!

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Ghar Waapsi

Releasing on July 22, Hotstar Specials Ghar Waapsi has been directed by two-time National Award-winning director and writer, Ruchir Arun.

When all things are lost and unknown, there’s only one place that feels right - ‘Ghar’. Disney+ Hotstar and Dice Media present a pleasant breather to viewers with an all-new modern-day slice of life show, Ghar Waapsi. The short 6-episode Hotstar Specials will be released on July 22 and is a millennial tale of the trials and joys of reconnecting with family and friends. It stars Vishal Vashishtha, Akanksha Thakur, Atul Srivastava, Vibha Chibber, Saad Bilgrami, and Anushka Kaushik. The show marks Disney+ Hotstar’s first association with Dice Media and Ashwin Suresh served as the showrunner in the series.

Written by Tatsat Pandey and Bharat MisraGhar Waapsi offers viewers a chance to take a deep breath and slow down with its heartwarming coming-of-age storyline. The series follows the members of the Dwivedi family as they deal with life’s trepidations. The light-hearted family drama based in Indore, shows a middle-class family of five coming together as they each learn something about life, relationships, and aspirations from each other, presenting a joyous journey of healing and finding direction.


Director Ruchir Arun said, “With Ghar Waapsi, we bring before the audience a fun, lighthearted tale of going back to one’s roots. At a time when most of us have moved to different cities in pursuit of our ambitions, revisiting our roots can bring us solace and a much-needed break. With this story, we set out to share just this with laughter and emotions. The show is a breezy, cheerful watch that celebrates the life and its uncertainties. Extremely happy to have had Disney+ Hotstar and Dice Media as a part of the journey to bring this unique story to viewers.”

Actor Atul Srivastava said, “While playing a father in Disney+ Hotstar’s Ghar Waapsi, I surprisingly felt like a millennial. You keep hearing this generation talk about taking a break, pursuing hobbies, and not giving in to pressure, and my character Mr. Dwivedi does all that despite being a father to three children. It is a character that makes you slow down and appreciate life. Grateful to the writers of the show for creating such a heart-warming role that brings out a different flavor of fatherhood on screen. Can’t wait to see how the audience reacts to the show.”

Actor Vishal Vashishth said, “I am extremely excited about my role in Ghar Waapsi. It seems like a simple character on the surface, but the simple roles are the most challenging. Working with veteran actors like Atul Srivastava and Vibha Chibber for this Disney+ Hotstar show helped me discover a lot about my art. Working with Dice Media has always been a great experience. Hoping the tale of the character connects with the audience.”

The story goes like this! For Shekhar Dwivedi, a 28-year-old junior product manager from Indore, being a part of the startup bubble in Bangalore earned him respect and love, not just from his family but also from the entire town. Life fares him well and makes him earn promotions, bigger pay cheques, and EMIs. But this growth takes a turn for the worse and forces him to head back to his hometown, where he discovers the trials and joys of moving around with his parents after living an independent life in the Indian Silicon Valley. In his journey back home, he finds the charm of slow living and the true happiness that comes from home, family, and friendship. 

Commenting on the same, Ashwin Suresh, showrunner on Ghar Waapsi said, "We’ve always been known to create real and relatable shows at Dice Media. This time we wanted to explore a close-knit family setting in a non-urban milieu and their moments of joy and strife. A premise that originated after the pandemic - what happens if you lose your job and move back home to live with your family after a gap of a few years? A premise that found resonance in our circles as well as with the folks at Disney+ Hotstar. This show is the product of a wonderful team effort, which we’re excited to share with the world. We hope we can inspire a few of those stuck in the rat race or caught up with the trappings of a ‘well settled’ job, to pause, and to ponder “Top” पे जाने के चक्करों में हम कहीं उसे नज़रअंदाज़ तो  नहीं कर रहे हैं,  जो प्रत्यक्ष है, अच्छा है, और खुश रहने के लिए काफी भी है ?"

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