Disney's 'Reflect' features a plus-size heroine which is a first for the entertainment giant!

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Disney's 'Reflect' features a plus-size heroine which is a first for the entertainment giant!

We're loving the representation of differently sized bodies via a plus-size heroine being seen in Disney's Reflect!

Disney has introduced us to its first plus-size lead in a short film titled, "Reflect". Disney's Reflect revolves around a young ballet dancer named Bianca who gets trapped in her own cage of low self-esteem and fear. But she comes out of it with strength, grace, and power. The film premiered as an episode of Short Circuit which is a series of Disney's experimental and innovative short stories.

The short film starts with a young ballerina cheerfully dancing but soon gets caught in her insecurity while looking at the bodies of other ballerinas right when the instructor chides "tight tummy, long neck." She sees a reflection of her stomach in the mirror and ends up finding herself trapped in a dark and ominous cage with mirrors all around. Here's when she has to battle her reflection, metaphorically and literally through confidence and self-love to get out of that place.

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"Sometimes you go to the dark place to get to a good place, and that just makes the good place so much more beautiful." - Hillary Bradfield (Director)

Over the years, Disney has been accused of presenting us princesses who look and feel unreal which further contributed to setting unrealistic standards of beauty for young girls. The stories of 'a damsel in distress finding a prince who fights the world to save her life' doesn't excite us anymore. We're constantly looking for ways to fight some real villains in our lives which sometimes happen to be inside us. Stories like Reflect help us understand that issues of low self-esteem and body dysmorphia are real and that fighting them takes equal courage and confidence.


The film is directed by Hillary Bradfield, who is known for her amazing work in Encanto and Frozen 2. About the film, she said, "I feel like I'm a very body-positive person in principle. But when it's on a personal level, it's a lot harder to be body positive."

Watch the short film here:

Disney never fails to catch our attention with its work.

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