Awkward Goat aka Divija Bhasin uses her Instagram to make hilarious relatable reels, bust myths, and normalize seeking help from a therapist.

For most of us, teenage felt like nobody really understood the struggles that came with living in a society like ours, and during those years, we really needed to know that we weren’t alone. While peers and family never spoke about these daily incidents then, that are as commonly found as PCOD (one in every five women), today, we have people on Instagram and Youtube creating content about precisely this. I feel like while creating content like art, photographs, captions, memes, reels, and polls, we’re all just trying to make sense of the world around us. And what we don’t seem to realize while ideating is how much this content can unite us by making us feel like we’re a part of a community.

Divija Bhasin aka Awkward Goat, your friendly neighborhood therapist shares informative and entertaining content on her Instagram feed, while busting myths, educating, and making very relatable reels that you won’t be able to get enough of. Almost all her reels felt like she was secretly watching me in school or at weddings, events, and at home. Her reels are that accurate! As sad as this feels today that more of us had to put up with the same kind of crap, it’s also so reassuring to finally know that we weren’t the only ones. It’s like the child in me is finally done questioning if it was something I did. Today, I take solace in the fact that it wasn’t and isn’t me, but the society I live in.

Creators like Awkward Goat are helping in so many ways today and we’re so grateful for that. She makes videos about her relatives’ reaction to her studying psychology, waking up in an Indian household, our society’s double standards, family reacting to therapy, talking about politics in a family discussion and making plans during the pandemic.

Check them out!

Doesn’t it feel like she’s talking about you and practically all your friends? Follow her for content like this.

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