Ali Asgar a.k.a our very own ‘nani’ from The Kapil Sharma Show was the latest prey to the recently famous ice-cream pranks pulled by Turkish vendors and it is hilarious! The popular TV actor shared the video himself on Twitter and you can’t help but feel a little sorry for him while laughing!

In the video, Ali can be seen waiting for his ice-cream but everytime he thinks he finally has it –BAM! No luck. There are various videos over the internet where people can be seen getting pranked by the vendors. While some laughed it off, others were not impressed by it. No playing with food, after all.

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However, Ali couldn’t do either as he was busy trying to comprehend what was happening! Here is the hilarious video:

The video gave everyone a reason to laugh. Plus, Asgar’s reaction was so adorable, it was sure to get reactions!

1. Kya maloom…We should hope so!

2. After what he’s put him through, I don’t think anyone’s getting a pappi…

3. Have we found a doppelganger?

4. We had a good laugh too!

5. Yeah, because 10 minutes of this was exactly what Ali wanted. Pfft!

6. Someone’s feeling vengeful…

7. Aggressive much? (Additionally, Ibn Batuta? STEREOTYPICAL!)

8. Because he was deliberately not tasting it, right?

9. True that.

10. We know, right?

The way he always ends up with an empty cone makes me so happy about the ice-cream tub in my fridge! We hope you got the taste of the Turkish ice-cram in the end though Ali!