Check out what makes the Dog person VS Cat person debate interesting and how this talks about their personalities.

If the world has to be divided today or more accurately United today, then there is only one thing that can do that. Among many age-old debates that never seem to have a result or have an answer, the one between Dog person VS Cat person always steals the show. There is a lot of personality difference between the people who love dogs and cats and that is what makes this debate even more interesting.

In this world of human beings, people find it more peaceful and loving to be around and with animals who shower all their love for their mom/dad. These animals are cute, goofy, entertaining and everything that we all need in our lives. This tale of being a Dog person or Cat person never reached a conclusion. Although it is a great icebreaker and can start conversations with people you meet for the first time, one clan always ends up judging the other. In this whole debate, there have been many researchers that say that people’s preference for an animal gives an insight into their personality. So, to know what your pet says about your personality, keep reading.

Here are interesting things about Dog person VS Cat person:

Cat owners are apparently more creative than dog owners.

Dog people were more conscientious than cat people. They are more self-disciplined, have a strong sense of duty and tend to be planners.

Dog people were more extroverted than cat people.

Cat people are more likely to be open, curious, artistic, creative and nontraditional thinkers.

Dog people are more trusting, altruistic, kind, affectionate and sociable.

Cat owners tend to tell their pets their thoughts and secrets and find them to reduce their stress.

Dog people become more athletic and energetic, thanks to all the push that their dogs give them.

Also, here’s the most interesting thing we found out…

Both dog and cat people have an infinite love for their pets. Their love is so pure that they can’t imagine a life without them! Now that, we can all agree on, right?

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