Remember the lady who starred in the English song, 9 to 5? Well, she was also nominated for the 62nd Grammy Awards. Still can’t remember her? Worry not. Scroll down to find out.

She broke the internet today with a trend entirely dedicated to her name, #TheDollyPartonChallenge. So what makes this hashtag trend extensively that Ayushman Khurrana, Tanmay Bhat, Ranveer Allahbadia fell prey to?

For starters, this trend had four parts traditionally.

  1. Facebook – In today’s day and age, if you ask any millennial that what Facebook means to them? It is just a reminder that assembles all embarrassing pictures from the past and turns it into a two-minute movie celebrating the memories. Similarly, even via this trend, celebrities, and influencers displayed their childhood pictures, oddly posed pictures and happy group pictures.
  2. LinkedIn – Known for professional networking, on the Linkedin segment, influencers restricted themselves to posting pictures of themselves, all suited-up. Well, Shayan Ghosh even photoshopped Barack Obama into his picture proving there is no end to imagination.
  3. Instagram – This platform is honestly known for people putting up the perfect moments on their feed. Keeping up with the flex, celebrities posted pictures of themselves lazing around, wandering, exploring and enjoying moments of the spotlight.
  4. Tinder – This dating platform pays emphasis on impressing, and where “good looks and good looks!” is the golden rule. And that’s exactly what the influencers restricted themselves to. Posting the most attractive pictures was no secret.

However, apart from this, Instagram was flooded with new-age dog influencers who perfectly managed to hit the right chord of cuteness by portraying their displays in the cutest of attires. Slayy Point also had a humourous stance to this when they replaced abs with battery under the Tinder segment.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Dr. Mona Varonica Campbell

Shayan Roy

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Tanmay Bhat

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Ranveer Allahbadia

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Thus, here’s to wishing more trends commenced by the biggest of celebrities. Let us know which are the celebrities you’d like to see, start trends!