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Content creator and actor Dolly Singh will be ushering in a brand-new chapter in her professional life as she makes her much-awaited foray as an entrepreneur.

India’s emerging premium homegrown soy candle brand, Rad Living known for their relatable and quirky collections, and Dolly Singh have joined hands to curate and launch a bespoke range of candles. It comprises of fifteen eclectic variations engraved with themes of manifestations and affirmations for a promising start to usher in a fresh year.

The collection promises an aromatic wonderland but also makes sure the relatability quotient remains unparalleled. Embracing idiosyncratic affirmations for 2023 such as ‘25 Din Mein Paisa Double’, ‘Saccha Pyaar’, ‘I Am My Own Sugar Momma’, ‘Great Sex’, ‘No Stress’, ‘Big Cheques’ and ‘Saste Nashe’, the collection is an authentic embodiment of Singh’s on-screen moniker. A carefully curated fragrance palette brought to life with scents like sandalwood rose, green lush, almond shea, jasmine cedar, French lavender, and chocolate rose amongst others forming the keynotes of the collection, each corresponding perfectly to the affirmation written on the candle.  Life comes to a beautiful full circle for Singh with this launch whose connection with candles dives back in time to her humble growing-up years.

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Elaborating further Dolly Singh says, “I’m extremely delighted to partner with Rad Living to give my audiences an immersive experience. This step for me marks not just my maiden attempt at becoming an entrepreneur but has a lot to do with the manifestation of dreams which forms the ethos of this collaboration. My father sold candles in his gift shop in Nainital and my mother manufactured candles at home and sold them to retailers around town to add to the family income pool. My connection with candles is not a newfound fascination but travels back to my childhood. During our growing-up years, my brother and I were extra hands to my mother and used to chip in and assist her. From drawing eyes on the wax rabbits and bears to sprinkling glitter on romantic couple candles, I was part of the whole candle-making process. Our house always smelled like wax and candle making as a process has always been close to my heart. Therefore, this collaboration is even more special and personal because after all these years, I’m launching my own line of candles that will be retailed shortly and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful!”

Vineet Arora, Founder & CEO, Rad Living adds, “While India boasts of a rich history of aromas, scents, and flavors, ironically home fragrances are rather overlooked in our daily lives. The ideology behind Rad Living is to create an Indian brand of air fresheners with scents suitable for the Indian consumer and a product design that is inclusive, representative, bold and relatable. In India, Scented candles are considered a niche, luxurious product but it’s time that the new age, ever so aware and conscious customer, experiences the benefits of using scented candles in their daily lives.  I believe that this collaboration with Dolly Singh holds the potential to truly open up conversations and spark a light of fragrance in so many homes across the country and who knows, the world!”

All candles are made of natural soy wax, hand-poured in small batches at Rad Living's manufacturing unit in Noida. Generously scented with essential oil and fragrance oil blends, these candles are toxin free, burn cleaner and last longer than regular paraffin wax candles.

These candles will be available in two sizes on Rad Living’s e-store.

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