Under the YouTube video titled Macintosh Plus, lies a serious pile of ponderooni, so prepare yourself to read questions that will make you scratch your heads first, then pull your hair and finally look towards the sky and ask ‘Why God?’

It all began with Vaporwave, a genre of music that is perhaps beyond the grasp of normal people, but this particular track from Floral Shoppe has united the online community of madmen who love to mess with people’s minds.

Macintosh Plus has long been used to describe a certain state of trance where the subject is lost in deep thought, confusion, battling with contradictory thoughts and slowly losing his mind. Let me give you an example.

So, Macintosh Plus is the musical personification of Jethalal’s expression and his predicament, because as simple and stupid that question is, he has no answer to it! This is how this meme plays out, 1. A stupid yet extremely insane question is asked, and the music begins to play.

Here are more such questions from the Macintosh Plus comments section that will F up your mind, and will make you want to find and make me undo what I just did to your brain.

Macintosh Plus


Macintosh Plus


Macintosh Plus 4. Macintosh Plus

5. Macintosh Plus

Macintosh Plus

7. Macintosh Plus

8. Macintosh Plus

9. Macintosh Plus

10. Macintosh Plus

11. Macintosh Plus

12. Macintosh Plus

13. Macintosh Plus

14. Macintosh Plus

15. Macintosh Plus 16. Macintosh Plus

17. Macintosh Plus

18. Macintosh Plus

19. Macintosh Plus

20. Macintosh Plus

Did you make it to the end or have you begun to scratch your heads, pull your hair, and begun to find where I am so that you can make me pay for what i just did to your brain?