6 Illustrations from DoodleODrama that would make you introspect

Mrinil Mathur
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6 Illustrations from DoodleODrama that would make you introspect

The pen truly is mightier than the sword when it comes to Mounica Tata, and her artsy Instagram corner, DoodleODrama!

Mounica Tata, based in Bangalore, owns the Instagram account DoodleODrama, a compilation of beautifully honest images, accompanied by powerful messages that are rarely spoken about today. Mounica uses her art and her account to spread the word about feminism, social evils such as Marital Rape, Body Shaming, and many more everyday problems that many women face.

Her doodles and minimal artworks say so much with so little, and are something every woman can relate to! See for yourself.

1. Decoding the Myths about feminism

2. Marital Rape, the existence of which is barely acnowledged

3. Periods 101

4. Embracing Singlehood

5. Societal compulsions and the battle against conformity!

6. The struggles of every bride

Check out more of her work at DoodleODrama on Instagram, and let us know about your favorite doodle in the comments below or write to us at

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